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Q: How do I book?

Please fill out my contact form! From there we'll discuss what you're wanting, see if I'm the right fit for you & then I will send you my retainer fee ($100) and contract. Once those are both taken care of, you will solidify a spot on my calendar! 

Q: When will I get my photos?

3-4 weeks after our session

Q: How far in advance should I book?

It is NEVER too early to book. I actually recommend it! The more time you have to prepare, the less time you have to panic. Styling is a huge part of photos, so the earlier you book, the more time you have to find the perfect outfits!!

If you’re unsure on work schedules, etc. We can always choose a month, then closer to that month, choose the date!

Q: Do you recommend hair + makeup?

I do, because that will take a big task off your plate and help relieve some of the getting ready stress! 

Q: Is there anything I should bring to our session?

Nope, I got you covered! The two necessities I bring is something to sit down on and music. My car always has extra accessories that can be added as well, whether it be a neutral sweater because weather randomly changed on us or a cute boho hat!

Q: What time are your sessions?

I shoot all sessions at sunset. Which means 1-1.5 hours before the sun goes down (depending on location). I understand that during Summer that can be pretty dang late. I know for some kids, a late bedtime might mean a meltdown, but I promise if you are able to manipulate their schedule for a day or two, it’ll be all worth it.

I have kids so I whole heartedly understand the importance of an early bedtime and sticking to a routine, but sometimes exceptions can be made. If you’re not willing on compromise that, I understand & would recommend scheduling during Fall when sunset times are a lot earlier!

Another time when sessions can be manipulated if the weather is planning for an overcast day. Usually timing can be a lot more flexible as well!

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I know photos can be an investment, so I'm happy to make a custom payment plan and work with you.

Payment plans must be paid up before our session date. 

You better believe it! Kids aren’t meant to sit still. Kids aren’t meant to “look at me and smile” for an entire hour. That is ok!! Let’s not keep them in a box. Let kids be kids, let them roam, explore, and express themselves. If your kid is a wild little man, let’s capture that! I’m happy to jump around with him! If your little girl likes to dance, let’s dance!

I promise we’ll get some smiles, but most importantly I want to photograph who they truly are!

Q: My kid(s) doesn’t like to sit still and can get wild, is that ok?

I offer my clients an amazing styling service called Style & Select! ( You can choose your color scheme, style, and have clothes generated for you! It’s basically an online closet! Once you pair items together, if you love it, you can automatically go to that website and purchase!
Another option is let me do it for you! I love styling and if you’re open to whatever or have a specific vision, let me know and I can come up with something! Just know, I’m with you the entire way! 

Q: What do I wear to a session?

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